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Gardening, Landscaping and Maintenance Services

Gardening, Landscaping and Maintenance Services

We are an established team of gardening and landscaping professionals serving in and around the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey area. We can undertake everything from garden waste clearance, turfing and weeing up to major landscaping projects.

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Work Ethic - Why we stand out

Focus on 100% Customer Satisfaction

No matter the size of the work that we undertake we always follow the same exacting procedure; Planning, Designing, Tools & Resources Allocation, Ongoing Management, Signing Off, Tidying. This rigorous attention to detail absolutely ensures that you are kept informed of all work and that it at least matches, yet often surpasses, your expectations.


All project sizes and needs catered for

Every project is importance to us. We have a large team of specialists at hand to cover everything that you may need, such as; garden waste clearance, weed control, hedge cutting, turfing, fencing, paving, patio care, lawn maintenance, landscaping design, water features, grass cutting, planting schemes, rock gardens, ponds, drainage and pergodas!

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We are your one stop gardening experts for all of your outdoor requirements.


It all starts with planning and design

Gardening and landscaping can substantially change the look of your home and property.
We can work with you on how you wish the finished work to look like. This is less time consuming with smaller projects such as lawnmowing, weed control and edging but is increasingly important as the size of your grounds or requirements scale up.

We want you to enjoy your garden for years to come so agreeing the fundamentals at the start will lead to complete satisfaction and expedite the project time.

We have the exact same professional attitude for even the small, single work projects as we do for the larger, whole property projects.

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Garden Maintenance

Passion + Knowledge + Experience...

... equals Satisfaction. We take as much pride, and spend as much detailed time on your garden and property as we would expect on our own.

Your garden and property deserve the best care and attention, you deserve the best service and we will not stop until you are fully satisfied. Your good word and recomnendation is all important to us as word of mouth referrals are responsible for most of our project work!

We are carry out one-off work but would be delighted to top this up with regular schedule visits to maintain the pristine look of your garden, front and back.

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Landscape Gardening Services

Little and Large

We can actually undertake every single possible type of work on your property. It does not have to stop at planting, weeding and turfing. We also carry out the work that often makes as much difference in the overall look and health of your garden.

This includes services such as Pest Control, fencing, gutter work, general waste clearance and patio/driveway cleaning.

We want your property to look so good that by the time we leave you will be sending out invites to all of your friends, family and colleagues to come round for a BBQ and commend you on your fantastic garden.

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Pest control, fencing, patio and driveway cleaning services
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